Wisdom Teeth Removal (And Those Hilarious Videos!)

Grand Rapids MI General DentistHave you seen any of the silly videos on YouTube of teenagers after they get their wisdom teeth removed? They’re hilarious. We love the one where the girl describes which milkshake she wants (and doesn’t want) to her mom, and why. The mom is laughing as she videos her daughter, who has no idea what’s truly happening. The Internet is filled with these types of videos. Isn’t it ironic that the removal of wisdom teeth can immediately cause patients to act quite unwisely?

The reason for this post-removal behavior is usually in response to the type of sedation that is used during the procedure. During your wisdom teeth removal surgery you will need to be put into a deep sleep, so the surgeon can work on you. This ensures that you will not feel or remember any pain or discomfort that is related to the removal of your teeth. The sedation also helps reduce your anxiety and paralyzes your muscles so you are calm and completely relaxed during the treatment.

The famous wisdom teeth removal videos are made because of the level of anesthesia used for the procedure. For an hour or two after your surgery you’re awake and able to talk.

Typical reactions post-surgery are:

  • Emotional – possible tears or crying
  • Confusion – disorientation and/or nonsensical or silly statements or questions
  • Feeling groggy – very tired or sleepy and appearing or feeling dazed

Some teens anticipate the hilarious video that they will make after their surgery, however not every wisdom tooth surgery produces a YouTube worthy response.

At Advance Dental Smile, we will determine if your wisdom teeth are impacted or may cause other issues to your oral health. We will recommend that they may be removed if we foresee any problems. It’s important to have them removed before roots are completely developed. Contact our office today, to see if wisdom teeth removal is right for you or your teen.

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