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If you have a missing tooth, we might recommend a dental bridge to restore your smile. A dental bridge is a permanent fix for a gap between teeth. Our restorative dentists will talk you through your tooth replacement options and let you know if a dental bridge might be right for you.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a type of artificial tooth that anchors to the teeth on either side of the gap, forming a “bridge” through the empty space. The artificial tooth is color-matched to your existing teeth so that it blends in naturally with your smile.

There are many benefits to a dental bridge. Not only will it restore the appearance of your smile, but when you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth are at a risk of shifting over time. A bridge holds the adjacent teeth in place to maintain their position.

Dental bridges are permanently secured in your mouth, so you’ll be able to eat and talk normally without worrying about it slipping and sliding. They evenly distribute the pressure you exert when you bite down, resulting in less wear and tear on your remaining teeth.

Bridges are also more affordable than some of the other tooth replacement options available, such as implants.

Once you have a dental bridge, it’s even more important to be vigilant about your oral health and hygiene. You’ll need to keep the surrounding teeth healthy if you want your bridge to remain intact for a long time. With proper care and maintenance, your bridge can last about 15 years without needing to be repaired or replaced.

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