Dental Emergency Grand Rapids MI Dentists

How to Avoid a Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency Grand Rapids MI Dentists

There’s never a good time to experience a dental emergency. That’s why it’s important that you practice good oral hygiene at home and avoid any bad habits that could compromise your health. Likewise, seeing your dentist at least every 6 months will help you maintain a healthy smile in the long run.

Here’s how to avoid a dental emergency so you can protect your oral health and your wallet.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

The American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth twice a day. But it’s also important that you thoroughly clean your teeth for at least two minutes at a time. That way, you’re able to remove as much plaque and food particles as possible.

That being said, don’t brush your teeth too hard. Use gentle circular motions as you brush your teeth so you don’t scrub away the enamel. Brushing your teeth too vigorously can lead to sensitive teeth in the long run.

You should also be flossing your teeth once a day to remove plaque and food particles that could be hiding between teeth.

If we still find a lot of plaque buildup during your next appointment, we may recommend that you use a fluoride mouth rinse. Fluoride helps strengthen and re-mineralize your tooth enamel, protecting it from acid attacks from plaque.

Wear a Sports Mouth Guard

Do you play a contact sport like football or hockey? If so, ask your dentist about getting a sports mouth guard.

A sports mouth guard will protect your smile in the event you get hit in the mouth. That way, you can avoid common dental emergencies that happen during sports, such as knocked-out teeth.

Your sports mouth guard needs to fit comfortably so you can focus on the game.

Don’t Ignore the Signs of Teeth Grinding

Do you ever wake up with jaw pain or a headache? Do your teeth feel sensitive or do you experience unexplained sleepiness throughout the day? If you recognize these symptoms, it’s possible that you’re grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep.

While teeth grinding (bruxism) is an unconscious act, it has very real consequences on your dental health. If left untreated, bruxism can wear down your tooth enamel and lead to issues like cracking.

The good news is that our dentists can create a custom night guard for you to wear while you sleep. The night guard forms a protective layer between your upper and lower teeth, preventing any further damage to your smile.

See Your Dentist for Routine Preventive Care

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dentist could point out problem areas in your mouth before they turn into cavities and gum disease? That’s a reality when you schedule a routine appointment with your family dentist for preventive care.

During your appointment, we’ll examine the inside of your mouth and possibly take X-rays. This allows your dentist to detect small oral health issues before they have the chance to worsen. For example, it’s much easier to restore a tooth with a small filling than a dental crown.

During your appointment, we’ll also clean your teeth to remove any plaque and tartar buildup. A professional teeth cleaning is much more thorough than anything you could do at home.

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