Six Month Smiles For The Win

Grand Rapids MI OrthodontistIt’s football season! Some of you are probably rolling your eyes with that ‘who cares’ look, but for many of us, we LOVE football. Friday night lights and college football are things that fuel our desire to cheer for the winning team. It’s fun to be on the winning team, isn’t it?

Advance Dental Smile can’t help you win any football games, but we can deliver you with a winning smile with Six Month Smiles. They are a great solution to gapped or misaligned teeth and will deliver you with the winning smile in just six months, as the name suggests.

Six Month Smiles is like successfully executing a trick play in football. While you’re aligning your teeth, no one will know. The clean aligner trays will trick all those around you. No more wearing metal braces! The clear aligner trays are discreet and virtually invisible.

However, don’t be fooled by the clear aligner trays’ appearance. Although they are invisible, they provide your teeth with the winning tackle. They will gently, yet effectively, align your teeth and take down your smile dissatisfaction issues with a winning sack!

Getting to the end zone for the touchdown will be faster than traditional methods. Metal braces and other aligning systems typically take two years. With Six Month Smiles, you can score a winning smile in a shorter amount of time.

If you’re an adult, and would like to explore the option of achieving a winning smile in just six months, call Advance Dental Smile today.

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