Oral Appliance Considerations

Grand Rapids MI General DentistAt Advance Dental, we utilize many types of oral appliances. Oral appliances may be used to help your TMJ, snoring, sleep apnea, jaw pain, teeth grinding, and even your smile satisfaction. Six Month Smiles is a great way to help correct some of your teeth dissatisfaction issues in a quick manner utilizing clear aligner trays. The other oral appliances are all custom made to help correct or prevent some of your oral issues that are causing you pain, injury or discomfort.

Oral appliances, when used properly, can offer you relief. In order for them to function at their optimal capacity, you will need to take several steps to care for them.

  1. Be sure to follow all cleaning instructions given to you when your custom oral appliance is assigned to you. You want to ensure that what you are putting in your mouth will help prevent further dental issues related to tooth decay.
  2. For some reason, your pooch would love to get their paws on your oral appliances. We are not sure why they have such an affinity to them, however they feel like they want to make them their chew toy. Keep out of reach of your dog!
  3. When your oral appliance is not in your mouth, be sure it is stored in its appropriate container or case given to you at the time of possession. Creating habits for storing helps prevent loss and misplacement.

Call Advance Dental to see if an oral appliance can help you with your grinding, snoring, TMJ, sleep apnea, jaw pain or misalignment.

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