Periodontal Therapy

You would be surprised how many people suffer with periodontal disease. And the worse thing to do with gum disease is to leave it untreated. Doing this leads to worse problems including tooth loss, bone loss in the jaw and health problems as bad as diabetes and stroke. The bottom line is if you have gum disease, take care of yourself by getting the help you need!

With periodontal disease, it affects many over the age of 30. Bacteria in the mouth causes tartar and plaque to build up. When this happens, the tartar and plaque need to be removed. Otherwise, gum disease begins, and infection sets in.

So how do you stop the infection once it starts? Our periodontal team will be recommended to clean your gums by scaling and root planing. This method thoroughly cleans underneath the gum line and allows the infection to be removed and the gums to heal. Our team will take the time to carefully remove the tartar and plaque and get your mouth back to the where it needs to be – healthy and protected from harm.

If you have gum disease and need help, call us today. There’s no better place to treat periodontal disease in Grand Rapids, Michigan, than Advance Dental! We will go the extra mile to get you the care that you deserve! Your well-being is our priority and your comfort is our ultimate goal!