Pediatric Dentistry

Wouldn’t it be nice if no one feared the dentist? Unfortunately, dental fears can start from the first visit if you don’t pick the right dentist for your little ones! At Advance Dental, we make it our priority to make the dentist office a fun place at any age – especially for kids! Our team loves to put smiles on the faces of every child who walks through the door! With iPads, earbuds and a play area, we offer ways for children to stay relaxed and have fun while getting the dental care that they need to maintain their beautiful smiles!

Some parents don’t see the value in dental care until permanent teeth are starting to grow, however, baby teeth need dental care as much as permanent teeth – if not more! You see, baby teeth have to be cared for so that infections and decay don’t get passed to the permanent teeth as they grow in. Also, if baby teeth fall out sooner than they are supposed to, gaps are left in a child’s teeth that cause their teeth to shift out of place and make it difficult for permanent teeth to grow in straight. Taking care of a child’s baby teeth helps build a foundation for a healthy dental lifestyle that will carry out into their teenage and adult years.

Help your children enjoy the dentist by picking a dental team that goes the extra mile and truly cares about them! If you are in search of a pediatric dentist in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we’d love the privilege to give your child the best dental care possible! Call us today to set up an appointment and help them start down the path of a healthy smile for life!